fredag den 24. februar 2012

We need 5 Danish Selena fans.

Hey Guys! :D

This post is probably more for the Danish Selenators.
We need 5 Danish Selenators, the 5 Selenators get
asked some questions about Selena Gomez. And the questions
is written in Danish to the 5 Danish selenators but we translate
it into English so everyone can read it .. Why would we make such a speech with such few questions
is because it could be very fun with something like that here on the blog and because some have written to us. what the Danish Selenators exactly like and love about Selena Gomez.

We hope that we hear from 5 Danish fresh Selenators. If you guys want to be of the 5 Danish Selenators , so please write your e-mail to us below or write to our mail

- We hope to hear from you :-)

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