søndag den 29. april 2012

Selena Gomez Beauty Interview, New Fragrance, Bella Beauty Beat

 Selena's Sexy promotional poster for her perfume.

Only a few days, then you can buy in the U.S., the first perfume by Selena Gomez. Today it is a brand new promotional poster has been released.

Selena is a plan to see who throws in sexy pose. It was recorded at the promo shoot the picture in December 2011, when she had to increase with body in a colorful dress on the water tank.

Only last year, was publicly stated that they would follow in the footsteps of her treasure Justin Bieber (18) and her best friend Taylor Swift (22) and created their own potions.

No sooner said than done - she let her fans to vote on the basis of her perfume fragrances (see video). In the end, got the most votes "raspberry", "Freesia" and "vanilla". At the finishing touches were even a few selected fans to help.

Soon, so all the perfume of Selena Gomez in their hands. Starting in May, it may be in the Macy's department store to take home.

On the bottle that looks like a curved dress, she said, "I knew I wanted a big bottle, because I think it can compete with all other perfumes."

The singer hopes her scent will be a success and another is only one of which follow thereafter. "Each of them represent me as I am at this time."

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  1. Hvornår kommer parfumen til Dk?:)

    1. Det ved vi desværre ikke endnu, Men når vi ved det skriver vi det selvfølgelig ha' inde. :D♥