tirsdag den 8. maj 2012

Selena: Millions - Action for melody-Klau

When Selena Gomez  so there is currently peace, joy, sunshine - it runs professionally for the sweet Disney star perfectly, so Sel is currently shooting a movie after the other and in private she does not seem to be happier about. But soon it could with good humor once its over, because now Selena but actually threatens one million lawsuit!

According to Courthouse News of the beautiful singer is accused of stealing a tune for their 2010 hit, published "A Year Without Rain" used to have. The band Luce should have sued the 19-year-old is now at one million dollars, because they have the melody of her songs published in 2005, "Buy A Dog" simply copied. "The melody in the chorus of the song is almost identical," the band is quoted as saying.

Selena Luce should have never given permission to use the melody for their song. If you hear both songs one after another, can find a certain resemblance, but Selena has actually stolen from Luce? Selena's spokesman declined to comment yet on the millions of action.

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