søndag den 17. juni 2012

Justin Bieber: What My ‘Love’ With Selena Gomez Feels Like..♥

Justin opens up about what it feels like to be truly connected to someone
like he is with Selena!

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have an amazing relationship, and Justin is now talking about how deep his love with Selena REALLY is!Justin, 18, told British magazine Fabulous that his relationship with Selena, 19, is incredibly special. "What does love feel like? It feels good," he said. "If you're really in love then you should get butterflies. Butterflies and happiness, that's how I feel anyway. But I never like to throw it in my fans' faces. I love my fans and I'd never want to do that to them. It's my private life and I like to keep separate. I don't have many things that I get to keep to myself but that's one thing. I'm very happy. And I know my fans just want to be happy for me."

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