lørdag den 2. juni 2012

Selena Gomez 'songwriter: new song for "Queensberry" album

Queensberry hit by the departure of Selina with her ​​new album "Chapter 3" is actually a new chapter in the band's history. And for this they have sought prominent support! The songwriter of American singer Selena Gomez (19, more than 1.9 million albums sold in the U.S. alone) has contributed to record a song. This paves the way to success but are almost made​​, but the other facts speak for themselves. One of the hacks from Los Angeles has won even once one of the coveted Emmy Awards, the girls were dealing not only with no-names. 13 songs in total are on Chapter 3, "the latest single from listening to it the name" Timeless ". There are ballads and midtempo numbers and fast. Especially like Ronja and Gabby Leo the song "Girl Like Me," because he stands for strong, confident women. The song "I Understand It Now" Queensberry have written specifically with her production team for their moms. Leo is very proud of themselves because they songwriter behind "California Kissin 'is. It is "very proud that QB for the first time a song that I wrote myself to sing. The song is the one of a boy whom I met in LA, but can also be obtained on our common love for LA. " "In any case, Chapter 3, 'something very special for us and we hope you can hear it," added the singer.Fortryd redigeringer

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