mandag den 6. august 2012

Sel is one of the stars in the Web wichtigsten

It is now official: Selena and Justin are the most powerful celebrities on the web. Justin's fans to give an average of about 30.4 million times a month his name in the search. :)
 Our Selena is on Plaz 2 with 20.4 words in the month before big star like Lady Gaga, Madonna and Brad Bitt! Congratulations!

Here is the whole LIST!
Justin Bieber: 30.4 million
Selena Gomez: 20.4 million
Lady Gaga: 16.6 million
Barack Obama: 15.43 million
Michael Jackson: 13.6 million
Eminem: 11.1 million
Madonna: 11.1 million
Angelina Jolie: 5 million
Kristen Stewart: 4.09 million
Brad Pitt: 2.74 million
George Clooney: 1.5 million

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