mandag den 29. oktober 2012

Beauty Crush: Selena Gomez's 10 Prettiest Makeup and Hair Moments

When it comes to style, Selena Gomez has no limits—she can do cute, glamorous, and edgy, all while looking impossibly lovely.

What excites us the most about her red carpet appearances are the multitude of ways she styles her hair and puts on her makeup. Blue eyeshadow one night, soft girly pinks the next, sleek stick-straight tresses, then a voluminous curled updo.

Scroll through her best beauty moments and vote for your favorite below! We know, this is no easy task.

1. Super Straight
2. Old Hollywood
3. The Romantic Ponytail
4. Bring on the Brights
5. The Faux Bob
6. Soft Spirals
7. Tied up in Knots

8. The Classic Pony
9. Pretty in Pink
10. Dark Romance
What was Selena Gomez's best beauty moment?

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